Yes, Linux

I am kind of passionate about Linux since I was 19. I started with a RedHat 6.1 found in a CD annexed to Linux Journal. I used to live in Italy at that time, and my first reaction was something like “finally I can understand what my computer is actually doing on a daily basis”. Top, probably, was the first cli command I tried when my graphic card didn't allow me to have a proper gui. And then I started to explore the file system with cd, tree, and a new universe appeared in front of my eyes.

I needed a manual... A proper one The Linux Documentation Project, for example, was a good start. And its “Introduction to Linux” was a good reference.

Does Linux have a future? Today, Linux is ready to accept the challenge of a fast-changing world

Through the time, I remained strings attached to rpm based distributions (basically because of Scisoft and Planet Ccrma), first with Redhat, then Fedora and now, after some years, with Centos. For some reason, Debian, and its popular fork, Ubuntu, were not the right distributions for me. I like systemd. But, shh... let's keep the secret ;)

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— Jolek78