Tor(ify) your world

The Onion Routing project is a simple representation how the www should be. Born in the late 1995, the Onion project became popular thanks to a group of engineers of Naval Research Lab. The idea was quite simple, and quite complex to realize: create a net, under the common net, protected by “layers” (that's the reason behind the Onion metaphor). Basically a decentralized network. Under a group of socked connections, able to let you jump from one anonymous layer to another, the idea was to make difficult to trace you.

Anonymity was (and is) the keystone.

Hiding Routing Information (1996) David M. Goldschlag, Michael G.Reed, and Paul F. Syverson

Today, Tor is proposed by its foundation in a form of a Browser, several additional [Projects] (, and into an amazing Linux Live distribution [Tail] (

It's never too late to get your freedom back.

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— Jolek78