Privacy matters

Long time ago, in BBS far far away, a “guru” user put a disclaimer on a science chatroom

please do not share your personal details privacy matters

Roughly 10 years later, another “guru” user put another disclaimer on another science chatroom

please briefly introduce yourself good manners are required

Who was right? Who was wrong? Both of them. But through the time, the idea of privacy changed a bit, and that modification had an impact on the idea of keeping your data for yourself. No, it's not a Facebook fault. All happened because of us. If you open the door, it's quite easy to understand that you allow anyone to cross your borders.

So what? Here starts is my journey of being the owner of my metadata. Linux, Tor and the Fediverse will be part of this analysis. And maybe more...

Music: Not Alone Artist: Rude || Album: Brainspin

— Jolek78