Google, don't be evil

When the World Wide Web was a bunch of pages not-well organized by a couple of search engines (Yahoo and Altavista), one project appeared on the net: the Dmoz, the well-known as the “Open Directory Project”. That project was maintained (like Linux) by a group of volunteers, editors, and it was a static list of links organized in categories, topics, languages and schemes, to allow users an easy research of sources on the internet.

Later, a small giant appeared on the net. Google, the “don't be evil” kind of thing, proposed a new search engine, based on the Page Rank algorithm to the extent of bring order on the web. The idea was simple: the higher was your backlink, the higher was your accuracy. And then, adopting the ODP as its first database, Google became the big giant as we know today.

Google, from the beginning, adopted Linux as its primary operating system, and the open source as its primary idea to develop its project. That seemed a good purpose, and a good point to start a revolutionary project to organize the net.

But Google is not anymore what it seems

Do the right thing is the new motto. But, exactly, what is the right thing? Ours, or theirs?

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— Jolek78